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Beach Tours Expericed – 1 Hour


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Deniz’s Adventure on Horseback

It was a summer day, and Deniz decided to go to the beach, where she had been wanting to ride a horse for a while. She rented a horse and set off towards the shore. When she arrived at the beach, she approached the horses and formed a special bond with one of them. With a guide on horseback, they began to move slowly along the shore.

Deniz felt the coolness of the sand under the horse’s strong and sturdy steps. The dancing of the horses’ tails in the wind made her feel harmonious with the beauty of nature. She learned the information she needed to control the horses and asked them to run faster. The horses sped up on the shore, and Deniz experienced an adrenaline-fueled excitement. The wind hitting her face and feeling the horse’s strength made her feel free.

Following the length of the beach, they went towards the sunset. Deniz said that she wanted to go to the other end of the beach before the roosters started to crow. The horses were still strong and energetic, and Deniz thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of horseback riding. They moved along the shore and finally watched the sunset in the sky.

This experience remained an unforgettable memory for Deniz. She discovered the beauty of horseback riding on the beach and was looking forward to coming back again next time.


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