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Forest Tour Experience – 2 Hour


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One summer day, my close friends Mira and Noor and I decided to go on an exploration in the depths of the forest. Walking in the forest and discovering its beauty was more than just an ordinary activity for us. This time, we decided to explore on horseback in the silence and beauty of the forest.

When we arrived at the forest, we saw the horses waiting for us. We met our riders and chose our horses. Mira chose a large breed of horse with the same name as hers. Noor chose Pilot, a smaller but fast and lively horse. I chose a horse named Jolly. After our riders gave us information on how to use and control the horses, we set out.

In the depths of the forest, we immediately felt the difference of exploring on horseback instead of walking. The speed of the horses running in the lush green forest, the wind blowing on our faces, and the beauty of nature mesmerized us. The sights we saw were incredible. Tall trees, colorful flowers, the chirping of birds, and the songs of many animals in the forest fascinated us.

As we toured the forest on horseback, we learned how important it was to move in harmony with them. Horses are powerful animals that are much more experienced and adaptable in nature than we are. However, communicating with them and controlling them is our responsibility. While horseback riding, we felt the privilege of being in nature on horseback. A sense of peace and freedom arose in our souls.

At the end of our hours-long tour, we returned the horses and handed them over to the riders. We enjoyed the pleasure of exploring on horseback with cold drinks waiting for us. With this unforgettable experience, we learned that exploring the beauty of the forest on horseback, becoming one with nature, is an experience that brings peace and tranquility to our souls.

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